Local bar gets the party started for college students

Kaitlin Sansenbach

Barwest provides a fun atmosphere for all types of people, but the typical demographic attracted is the college crowd at Sacramento State.

Barwest plays into the “Animal House” idea by appealing to college students by giving them what they want: high alcohol-content drinks, greasy and inexpensive food, loud fist-pumping music, beautiful girls dancing on top of furniture, and sports on high definition screens.

Customer Baylor Cody said despite the bar’s “Browest” nickname, he frequents the bar because it not only is down the street from his house, but he always sees someone he knows and loves the party atmosphere.

“It’s great to be in an environment with good people, reasonably priced drinks and a care-free vibe from everyone around,” Cody said. “I have heard people consider it ‘Browest’ before, but it really doesn’t bother me because it’s like a big frat party where you know everyone.”

Senior criminal justice major Brittany Ritter, 22, has been serving at Barwest for almost a year and loves the environment it provides to its customers.

“What sets Barwest apart from other bars in Sacramento is that no matter what day of the week it is, it is always a good time here,” Ritter said. “We provide a fun environment that pleases a variety of people, from the college crowd to an older clientele.”

With their alcohol and food selection, it’s hard to see why people wouldn’t want to go to Barwest.

The bar has 14 beers on tap, multiple bottled beer choices and a variety of hard liquor. What makes Barwest stand out more than the average college bar is how they appeal to their college demographic at Sac State and other local college campuses.

The appeal of Barwest lies in the bar’s beloved drink, the fishbowl. Topped with a cherry, an orange and four straws to share, the fishbowl is a large 64 oz. bowl filled to the brim with alcohol and mixers mingled in a potion of inebriation. The drink comes in a variety ranging from a Jager fishbowl to a Malibu rum based fishbowl.

Thursday and weekend nights have live local DJs playing their sets through the speakers making hearts beat to the beat of their drum. Not only are the DJs sending pulsating beats with their set, but the girls throughout the bar can make hearts skip a beat.

Dancers are seen “shaking what their momma gave them” on top of the seating arrangements throughout the bar to kick off their theme nights throughout the week and are seen pouring shots down the throats of customers and having a great time.

But it’s not all booty-shaking, rhythm beating, shot pouring fun.

Barwest has more than 20 flat screen televisions that display sports all year round. During this football season, they offer bottomless mimosas and brunch.

Also on their menu, Sac State alum and Barwest manager Noel Valencia also recommends their wing and beer special.

“Barwest allows students to experience a midtown vibe without breaking the bank,” Valencia said. “We also offer small plate items such as sliders and a $15 combo of 10 wings with a pitcher of Coors Light or Bud Light.”

Barwest has capitalized on a demographic, stuck to it and letting it sore. If it means being known as the “bro capitol” of Sacramento, so be it. Although several restaurants that do not last in downtown, rest assured Barwest will not be a casualty any time soon.

Kaitlin Sansenbach can be reached at [email protected]