Former Togo’s employee now employed by Sacramento State Police

Imran Majid

The Sacramento State Police Department hired former University Enterprises Inc. Togo’s employee Cheng Wang last week to pass out department brochures and answer questions at its Police Service Center in the University Union.

Police Chief Mark Iwasa said Wang is a good person for the department and already has a large campus following.

“I think he’s a good well-known fixture,” Iwasa said. “We are always trying to improve our relationship and communication with the campus community, so when you have someone in place that already has established good relationships, it’s a nice way for us to utilize those pre-existing relationships to get our message out there.”

UEI shut down its Togo’s cart in the spring due to a significant sales decline, and Wang was transferred to the Dining Commons as a weekly on-call dish washer.

Now Wang, who remains employed with UEI, will be trained on how to operate the Lost and Found and Service Center, Iwasa said.

“(I have) good co-workers,” Wang said. “I like teamwork. They treat me very well.”

Iwasa said Wang will also be servicing vehicles and carts once a week. He said maintenance has been a constant problem for the police, and Wang’s services will benefit them greatly.

“I think he was pretty excited about it,” Iwasa said. “We’ve already had a good relationship with him and known him for some time. I think he enjoyed the prospect of coming to work with us.”

Wang said although there is no more lunchtime, his new job is “fantastic” and looks forward to working with the police and students.