Board of Trustess will discuss budget increases, student scholarships

Jonathan Ayestas

The California State University Board of Trustees will meet to discuss budget increases due to Proposition 30, and will award scholarships to 23 students from each of its campuses on Sept. 24 and 25.

Erik Fallis, CSU Media Relations Manager, said there is fallout from years of budget cuts still lingering and with the additional funds this year, some critical needs that have suffered neglect will be addressed and with any luck, mended.

The board is also likely to cover topics in progress or anything else that follows up on the budget conversation.

Fallis said one probable subject to be addressed is the Student Success Initiative, designed to provide additional experiences beyond the classrooms.

The goal, with the additional funds, is to allow students to succeed by avoiding bottleneck situations, getting them aware of prerequisite courses and the programs that require them.

The idea is to avoid having students take or repeat classes they do not need. When students fail a class or register for a class that is not a necessity, it causes a delay in the process for those who actually need them, creating a snowball effect.

The planned method to avoid this effect is to provide academic advising to students whose paths are not clear in their minds. Fallis said this is something that will likely receive additional funding.

The Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment, which streamlines undergraduate requirements by allowing students to enroll in online classes at other CSUs, may help remedy bottlenecking as well.

Another item on the agenda is the awarding of scholarships.

“CSU trustees’ scholars have defied the odds, rising above circumstance to become leaders among their classmates and exemplifying the CSU mission of access to a higher quality education,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy White in a statement. “Through talent, determination and drive they now grasp the promise of a brighter future – for self, family and community.”

Sacramento State student Jolene Ford will be one of the recipients of the CSU Trustees’ Award, one of the highest student distinctions possible within the university with a scholarship ranging from $3,000 to $10,000.

“I am very excited, and I am honored for my achievement,” Ford said.

Originally, she intended to go to Sac State right after high school but had a different mentality compared to her resolve today.

She started struggling with depression, alcoholism and drug addiction after being diagnosed with HIV. As a result, she took a hiatus from college.

Ford felt the need to go back to college, especially after being motivated by her doctor.

Ford said she enjoys what she does at Sac State, and devotes a substantial amount of time working at Sunburst Projects, a nonprofit group that assists those who either struggle with HIV or AIDS or know someone struggling with it.

Many of the awardees’ lives involve foster care, substance abuse, time in prison, rehabilitation, welfare and fighting overseas.