‘Game of Thrones’: Episode two ties up some loose ends, and makes us hate Margaery even more

Cristina Lule

“Game of Thrones” continues to be a compelling watch this season toning down on sexually explicit scenes and showcasing strong female characters despite the show’s prevailing patriarchal ideology.

The second episode featured the return of the Stark children, Jaime and his captor Brienne and highlighted the growing relationship between Joffrey and his betrothed Margaery.

Last season Bran and Rickon Stark were on the run from Theon Greyjoy’s vengeful pursuit. This episode, we see they’re still traveling inconspicuously with the help of Osha and Hodor, who are both servants of House Stark.

We also finally discover some truth behind Bran’s dreams. In the first season, Bran saw his father – King Stark – brutally beheaded under Joffrey’s command in a dream, indicating he had a telepathic power.

This episode he meets Jojen Reed – a boy with similar abilities – who tells him he is a warg meaning he can go into the mind of animal’s during sleep.

Arya Stark is still travelling with Gendry and Hot Pie after escaping imprisonment from Harrenhal last season. Arya was a rebellious child in the first season who refused to conform to a feminine cliché and spent her time sword fighting instead of trying on dresses. Her sword skills are still a bit rough but her bravery is what makes her a strong character.

In this episode, she challenges a member of the Brotherhood to a duel. She appears doe-eyed, scared and ultimately gets her sword knocked out of her hand but her show of valor makes her a compelling character to watch.

On the trajectory to King’s Landing we see Jaime and his captor Brienne. Last season, Katelynn Stark appointed Brienne to take Jaime home to trade him for her daughter Sansa. This episode, Brienne demonstrates she is a fierce warrior able to put up with Jaime’s quick words and quick escape maneuvers. Her graceless yet powerful sword wielding makes her an aggressive opponent Jaime can’t compete with.

At King’s Landing, Margaery proves she is just as devious, if not more so, than her fiancé Joffrey. She invites Sansa (his ex-faince) over for brunch to meet her grandmother and discuss the King’s bad reputation. Sansa has been holding back her ill thoughts on the Stark’s for fear of meeting the same death as her father. However, Margaery’s witty grandmother wants her answers served like her cheese – immediately – and in a short-lived moment of relief for Sansa, she is finally able to express her fear and distaste for Joffrey without punishment.

Margaery later meets Joffrey in his bedroom to talk to him before he goes on a hunting trip. This would have normally been a set up for a steamy sex scene but the show has noticeably toned it down this season. Instead we see Margaery attempting to attract Joffrey’s attention by stroking the phallic-shaped bow he is holding. Where Brienne and Arya used their swords to fight, Margaery used her femininity as a tool to become the object of sexual desire and pretend to be impressed by Joffrey’s noble stature in order to get closer to the crown.

It appears the scheming King might have finally met his match.

Rating: 4 stars