Fashion trends to try out this spring

Isabel Ward

It’s easy to hang on to pieces that we once loved and thought flattered our bodies, but certain trends should just be left behind in 2013.

The early 2000s brought in a wave of body-enhancing clothing – or so we thought. Daisy dukes, for one, are no longer an acceptable fashion trend in my eyes. Not only are they too short, but they are too low-waisted. It is not a body-flattering piece.

Instead, this clothing piece leaves us adults looking like teenagers. But even teenagers should ditch these short shorts. Girls should opt for shorts a little more up to date like vintage high-waisted shorts because it shows your figure without showing too much of your body.

On the same note of body-flattering clothes, just because you have curves, does not mean you need to show aspects of your body through clothing pieces that expose them.

Cleavage-baring tops should be tossed because they simply show too much of your body and not enough of your style. Everyone wants to show off their best assets, but these low-cut shirts take away from class.

Another trend from the 2000s that seemed to be perfectly acceptable at the time was micro-mini skirts. In an effort, again, to flatter us and not embarrass us, these skirts should be put away for fear of showing too much thigh. While short skirts may be a current style, super short skirts should be abandoned for a little more coverage.

Also, while a nice-fitting pant is to always to be acceptable, wide-vertical stripes are not. This particular trend might lengthen our bodies, but it does nothing but strain our eyes visually. Try for a classy solid instead. Even a floral pant, which might not be flattering for all figures, is an “in” item this spring.

Ruffled tops may have been more recent than 2000, but their look is an old trend for good reason. It’s a little old-fashion and simply makes a perfectly good shirt look too decorative. A good alternative could be a nice silky blouse or a tee that you can tuck in.

This might not be everyone’s reflection on style, but it is my personal theory from 2000 to 2013.

Trends come and go through seasons and years, but classic looks should always be appreciated. The new trends can be tested, but we should try to look for pieces that do optimize our style and flow with current instead of with the past.