ASI opens up ‘Haunted Hall’

State Hornet Staff

Even though Halloween falls on a school day, it does not mean there are not ways to celebrate.

Stop in at the ASI Haunted Hall located in the University Union today from 10 a.m. to noon for spooky decorations, free pizza, Jamba Juice, prizes and a chance to meet your ASI representatives.

For a few moments out of the school day, students will have a chance to celebrate. The entrance will have a red carpet directing students where to go.

The ASI office will be easy to spot with the streamers, black lights, glowing spider webs, fog machine and ASI representatives and volunteers dressed up and ready to scare some students.

Also, you can decorate a mini pumpkin during your visit to the Haunted Town-house.

“We provide the miniature pumpkins and there is no cutting, just decorating the outside; we put eyeballs on them, paint stuff like that,” said A-Team event coordinator Mercedes Tyler. “People can decorate their pumpkins and an hour later we judge them and give out prizes.”

The A-Team is a group of ASI representatives who work to get other students involved in activities on campus, like the Haunted Hall.

To get a slice of pizza, all you have to do is play a guessing game.

“I have pictures and people can guess who their board members are and once they do, they get a slice of pizza,” Tyler said.

There is no reason not to stop by for free food and fun today. All the funding for the event comes from your ASI tuition fees that you pay each semester, Tyler said. The money the students pay into ASI goes toward the candy, pizza and prizes but not the decorations. Tyler said she likes to use money toward free stuff for students instead of the décor which is reused from last year.

When visiting the Haunted Townhouse today, take notice of the students representing Sacramento State and take the time to talk to them about their involvement in your university. And of course, enjoy all the free stuff. Happy Halloween.

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