ASI releases election results

ASI graphic

ASI graphic

State Hornet Staff

Sacramento State’s Associated Students Inc. election results for the 2012-13 school year have been counted and finalized with a total of 3361 voters casting their ballot on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The amount of voters make up 12.66 percent of all eligible students, which is about five percent, or more than a thousand, fewer students ASI was hoping to turnout.

Monica Cortez of Lead will be the new ASI president after beating out fellow candidate George Cordero of Strive by only 105 votes. Her executive vice president will be Nielsen M. Gabriel of Strive after he won the ballot by only 93 votes over G.Q. Dlamini of Lead.

Other notable winners are Lauren Carpio of Strive for vice president of finance (61 percent), Kelly Cassidy of Strive for vice president of University Affairs (56 percent) and John Judge of Lead for vice president of Academic Affairs (41 percent).

The new director of arts and letters will be Erica Brown of Strive after being picked in 74 percent of the votes and the new director of business is John Hobbs of Strive after winning 60 percent of the votes.

Sunny Sahota of Strive will become the newest director of engineering and computer science with 63 percent of the vote while Rosemarie “Rosie” Dauz of Strive won the director of health and human services by gaining 55 percent of the ballot.

Candidates without another candidate running against them include the Director of Natural Science and Mathematics Courtney E. Williams of Strive, the Graduate Director Kati Kouklis of Agent of Change, the new University Union Board member Darsey Varnedoe Jr. of Lead and the new State Hornet Publications Board member Richard Lucier.

The club or organization on campus with the most voter turnout was Alpha Phi Omega – Kappa Sigma chapter with 153 voters.

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