Mendocino and Mariposa Halls scheduled to reopen Monday

Sean Keister

Sacramento State’s Mendocino and Mariposa halls are scheduled to reopen Monday after the damage is cleaned up over the weekend from Thursday’s fires.

Until further notice, however, the fourth floor of Mariposa Hall will continue to be closed.

Using an airflow system with charcoal filters, cleanup crews will remove the smoky odor from the buildings.

CAL Fire is continuing its investigation.

Over the weekend, Mendocino Hall’s fifth-floor ceiling tiles and drywall will be tested for asbestos as a precaution. Any badly discolored tiles will be removed from the building.

Mariposa Hall’s family and consumer sciences’ kitchen and an additional room on the third floor have water and soot damage.

Crews are continuing over the weekend to clean hallways and almost every office on the fourth floor of Mariposa Hall.

Sac State officials said they will provide an update to the campus later on the issue of Mariposa Hall’s fourth floor.

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