Teacher settles suit, submits resignation

Sam Pearson

Sacramento State settled a lawsuit brought by former Spanish professor Wilfrido Corral over the summer in an agreement that required Corral to quit.

Corral was fired in 2009 after four female students reported to other professors in the foreign language department that Corral had taken them out to dinner, made sexual comments and hugged and kissed them. Corral fought his termination and continued to teach while he appealed his case.

A university investigation determined that Corral retaliated against the professors who reported his alleged harassment.

A university report said that Corral called one professor, Nicole Buffard, a “French whore,” and called German professor Marjorie Gelus and Spanish professor Kathy Moore “lesbian bitches” in front of students.

Gelus later retired early, citing a hostile work environment caused by Corral. Gelus, along with Buffard and Moore, sued the California State University system and Corral. The CSU settled the case for $900,000.

A student, Judy Aguilar, sued Corral and the CSU system in 2007, alleging Corral pressured her for dates and encouraged her to cheat on her husband. That suit was settled for $15,000.

Meanwhile, Corral sued Sac State, alleging the university’s investigation into him was flawed and that the school discriminated against him for being Latino. A human resources official said he had “a very good tan,” the suit claimed.

The $900,000 settlement, reached in July, was in addition to costs defending itself against Corral’s discrimination lawsuit. In the settlement, Sac State agreed not to attempt to force Corral to pay the university’s attorneys’ fees. The sides did not exchange any money.