The Hornet Hot Seat

AJ Taylor

Who wins in a fight, Vin Diesel or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Jessica Smith, Rowing: The Rock, no contest. He would totally kick his ass.”

Erika Busch, Rowing: “The Rock mostly because he’s so good looking, but really he has more heart than Vin Diesel does.”

Alyssa Padberg, Rowing: “Vin Diesel because he’s the man.” 


What do you think about the Kings staying in Sacramento?

Smith: It’s saving jobs and we could use it.”

Busch: So pumped! It makes me want to go to Kings games all the time. They’re here for one more season, let’s make them stay.”

Padberg: “It’s great for the economy here, and it’s great for the Sacramento sports community.”

What is your favorite decade?

Smith: “The 90’s. ‘I choose you Charmander!’”

Busch: “The 90’s just because it was my childhood and I love all the shows and the bands. Spice Girls, what’s up?”

Padberg: “The 60’s, especially ’69 because of Woodstock.”


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