Double Coverage: Baseball Season is Here — and so are Bandwagon Fans

Cassie Kolias

Cassie Kolias

It is baseball season again, which means two things for me.

The first is that in general, I will be happier. Baseball season signals both the spring and summer seasons. It means that the sun will be shining and I will always have a smile on my face &- at least as long as my team isn’t performing terribly.

I will walk with a little more pep in my step knowing that when I get home from a long day at school, there will be baseball games to watch pretty much every day. It means I will probably frequently be wearing green and yellow ribbons in my hair.

Baseball season means that I will always have something to do. You can guarantee that if I have any free time whatsoever, you can find me somewhere at a ballpark sporting a jersey and a foam finger on my hand. Well that last part was a lie &- I don’t have a foam finger, no matter how much I wish I did.

It means fireworks from the field, it means Thirsty Thursdays, and it means warm nights. Baseball season means that I can talk about sports with anyone who wants to, because baseball is a sport I know unlike any other.

The second thing that baseball season means is that I will hate my life in Sacramento. When I moved here last summer I learned quickly that as an A’s fan, I was a rarity.When I lived in the Bay Area, the fans were split down the middle and I was never an outcast. The minute I moved north, everyone “bleeds” orange and black (sorry but last time I checked we all bleed red.)

It also doesn’t help my cause that they won the World Series, so now Sacramento baseball fans have probably tripled because everyone loves a bandwagon.

So Giants fans, the playing field is now leveled. The slate is clean. The A’s and the Giants have equal chances at a title as it is.

Folks, it’s a new season. I don’t want to see your status updates on Facebook. I don’t want to see your Tweets with hashtags that say #orangeandblack or #worldchampions. And in general I just don’t want to talk about the World Series last year. To me, none of that matters now.

Oh, and last time I checked it’s pretty embarrassing for the World Champs to lose on Opening Day.

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