Double Coverage: Athletes and Celebrities don’t mix

Cassie Kolias

KimKardashian. Jessica Simpson. Carrie Underwood. Kate Hudson.

Now that I caught your attention – What do these women have in common?

Aside from that fact that they aren’t too terrible to look at, they all have an affinity for dating athletes. Plain and simple, it is stupid when athletes and celebrities date.

When power couples like these form there are two reasons why, and two reasons only. The first is that the athlete is using the celebrity to gain more attention in the media. Yeah, their game isballin’and they are hot in their own right, but there is nothing that says, “I made it” like showing off an A-list celebrity on your arm.

The athlete who snags and beds the hottest celebrity wins. Ready, set, go.

The second reason this happens is sort of vice versa. So these women already have everything they could possibly want. They’ve dated the eight-pack yielding, delicious actors like Ryan Reynolds. They’ve dated the heart-melting crooners like Justin Timberlake. Psh, been there. Done that.

These women want something new. But they need someone who still reeks of status, and has abs that make the women of the world swoon, and hang pictures of them on their walls that they kiss every night before their heads hit their pillows.

In walks the professional athlete.

He has status. He has thesmokin’hot body that it would be illegal not to lather up in baby oil. He has money &- not that any of these women need the money, but it’s nice when your boyfriend can buy you a Mercedes for your birthday and get you some publicity that way. “Oh honey, you shouldn’t have.”

And not only do have these women dated athletes, some of them are serial athletedaters. Enter Kim Kardashian.

She has not only charmed the pants off one athlete in her day, it’s a sport of its own for her.

On her list of conquests there is New Orleans Saints halfback Reggie Bush, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, New Jersey Nets forward KrisHumphries. Just to name a few.

In all truth, the tabloid whirlwind romances that these athletes are having with celebrities take the attention of their athletic talent. They aren’t making headlines for scoring touchdowns orhome runs&- they are making headlines for who they are banging. And that’s just about the dumbest thing I have heard.

Yes, any publicity is supposedly good publicity, but athletes have an entire team to think about without having to worry about what the media is saying about the juicy details of their relationship.

Aside from KimKardashianwho loves to chase the jerseys, you get the opposite -The athlete who only dates celebrities. His name? Alex Rodriguez.

After his marriage ended with Cynthia Rodriguez, he started using his status to date some of the hottest celebs – Starting with Kate Hudson, and then jumping to Cameron Diaz.

It’s too much of a competition with power couples like this, and it takes away from the actual talent of the athletes.

Would it kill anyone to date someone average? I don’t think so.

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