Morris League, Dream.Develop.Do. raise money for scholarships

AJ Taylor

Sacramento’s own Morris League and non-profit organization Dream.Develop.Do. raised $6,000 for scholarships and league expansion at their home run derby fundraiser on Saturday.

The event titled “A Night at the Ballpark’ featured a home run derby between some of the Morris Leaguers and was held just outside the Sacramento State campus in McAuliffe Field. Members of the Morris League had a fun competition on who could hit the most home runs.

Sac State alumnus and founder of Dream.Develop.Do. Robert Graham has promised to use the money for scholarships and a possible Morris League expansion to the Bay Area.

Both Dream.Develop.Do. and the Morris League have roots in Sac State. The Morris League was founded by Dominic and Donte Morris, after they failed to make the baseball team at the school. Graham founded Dream.Develop.Do. in October 2009 and is the president of the non-profit organization.

Since Dream.Develop.Do’s inception one year ago, Graham has given out many scholarships including two $1,000 scholarships for under-served youth.

Since Morris League’s debut season in 2007, the student-run league for players of any type within the ages 18 and 25 has expanded from two teams to 10 – including one branch located in Davis.

“Last year we had a branch out in Davis and we’re looking to go to the Bay Area, then try to go down to Southern California as well.” Donte Morris said.

The event, which cost $7, invited all to come to participate in the Morris League’s Fall season “All-Star Break.” A dunk-tank, raffles and vendors were the night’s supporting attractions.

“We put on a fundraiser last spring to raise money for educational scholarships for traditionally underrepresented or under-served youth,” Graham said. “Morris League came to our fundraiser and they liked what we did and they approached us and they said “We’d like to get together and do a fundraiser.’ So here we are today it’s actually been two and a half to three months in the making for this it turned out pretty well.”

The fundraiser earned $6,000, but hoped to make about $4,000 more throughout that night. Graham said he feels that both sides are doing their part helping the community.

“That money is going to be split between Morris League and Dream.Develop.Do. And between that, we’re going to provide scholarships,” Graham said. “Morris League has promised to do that as we have, so not only are we doing that from our end, but Morris League is doing it from their end as well overall – enhancing the educational experience in the Sacramento area.”

In the same way that Graham has worked to do his part for the Sacramento community, the Morris League has established a baseball league that is constantly bringing in new recruits.

“You don’t have to be a Sac State student. If you want to play ball and somebody tells you that you can’t play ball, this is where you can always come and play,” said Oliver Boykin, league commissioner. “It’s real competitive and we’re always looking for new players and always looking to have fun.

To keep the festivities moving, Graham was the first to participate in the Dunk Tank and was submerged more than a few times. This partnership of these two organizations is planned to only be the first of many.

“It’s a real big event. So for next year, let’s hope everybody comes out and has fun,” Boykin said. “It’s a fun league, and that’s what it’s about – just having fun and raising money for Sac State and for the scholarships.”

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