Water Ski and Wakeboard Club host Catch-A-Ride

Lauren Greenwood

The Sacramento State Water ski and Wakeboard Club hosted the first Catch-A-Ride event today at Folsom Lake.

The club invited any Sac State student to come out to Folsom Lake for a barbecue and try wakeboarding or water skiing for $15. The day also celebrated the opening of the club’s fall practices. About eight to 10 new students attended the event.

“It’s an opportunity for us to get new people out on the water and get them interested in the team,” Chad McInnis, wakeboard and water-ski director and 2004 alumnus, said.

If students enjoy water sports, they have two options. The first is to take kinesiology 12, which is a wakeboarding and boat safety class taught by McInnis. Students go out to the lake and ride at a scheduled time once a week.

The second option is to join the Water Ski and Wakeboard Club, but there is a $275 semester fee for using the boats, gas and equipment. Members of the club have practice from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

McInnis said the club is a big commitment, but Catch-A-Ride provided students the opportunity to still enjoy the two water sports, meet the team, and just have fun for the day.

“I don’t have my own boat, and this is a good opportunity to practice wakeboarding,” said Alena Hansen, a junior recreation parks and tourism major.

New members of the club came to the event and practiced with the older members of the club for the first time.

Drew Glickman, a freshman film studies major and newest member of the team, came to the Catch-A-Ride day to wakeboard.

“I’ve been a part of the club for 10 minutes,” Glickman said when asked about his involvement with the club.

Dan Bright, a senior marketing major and president of the club, said he hoped more non-club members would have come out, but the club will look at doing this kind of event again.

“Today was a great orientation for the new club members, and a good fall semester start,” McInnis said.

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