Stanford defeats women’s rugby, 57-0

Marshall Hampson

Sacramento State women’s rugby lost to the Stanford Cardinal 57-0 on Saturday.

The Hornets came out strong forcing, Stanford to commit a lot of turnovers early in the first half. Both teams struggled with tackling and ball-handling throughout the half and did not have a sense of rhythm.

But once Stanford scored first with a 60-yard run to break the scoreless tie, the Cardinal did not look back.

Sac State could not match Stanford’s speed as they broke through many of the tackles the Hornets were putting on the women.

“We made a few mistakes and we need to fight harder,” said Liz Abrams, Sac State wing. “We’re capable of beating (Stanford) and UC Davis next week.”

Stanford ended up being up 27-0 at halftime and they did not stop pouring it on the Hornets after the second half started.

The mistakes from the Cardinal seemed to disappear while the Hornets still had problem tackling and controlling the ball.

“They weren’t fighting hard enough. That’s what it came down to,” head coach David Jackson said. “Stanford was just good.”

Sac State showed they still have work to do in Division I ball. The Hornets will play again at the Chico State University Tournament on Feb. 27.

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