BLOG: Thanksgiving the ‘Greek’ way

Daniel Vasilchuk

It is Thanksgiving weekend. But episode nine of the show “Greek” exhibits no warmth and does not show what Thanksgiving is about for a lot of people – spending time with family and a nice, warm turkey.

Casey, a former ZBZ sorority president, packs her things to go home for Thanksgiving, but finds out her parents canceled the flight tickets. Rebecca, one of Casey’s closest friends, decides to stay at the sorority house to keep her company.

When there is not much to do, Casey and Rebecca decide to volunteer. The plan backfires since apparently there is nowhere to volunteer.

Cappie and Evan, Casey’s old flames, are not going home either. It is Evan’s first Thanksgiving away from home. Evan and Cappie plan a road trip, but when Cappie finds out that Casey is staying, he backs out.

Rusty, Casey’s younger brother, runs into some issues with Dale, his roommate and close friend. While working on a polymer science project, Rusty makes a breakthrough. Dale becomes jealous and attempts to get a look at Rusty’s notes. When Rusty discovers this, the two have a heated conversation and part ways.

Rusty and Dale do not even work together on preparing the Thanksgiving dinner at their apartment, so it is canceled. Casey, who was planning on coming to the dinner, decides to throw one at the ZBZ house instead.

There was no warmth whatsoever in this dinner. The way everything was portrayed, it was more of a formality than anything to have the dinner.

After dinner, both Cappie and Evan make moves on Casey in attempts to rekindle an old romance.

But their attempts at doing this feel oddly out of place. Rarely was there evidence that Evan was still interested in Casey in the previous episodes. Cappie had just gotten out of a short-lived relationship.

What could have been a nice short episode about a Thanksgiving dinner fizzled into nothing but feuds, alcohol, and failed romance.

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