BLOG: “Greek” may be getting good.

Daniel Vasilchuk


There are certainly more hilarious scenes, as well as warmth and genuine affection in episode five of the third season of “Greek.” It is but an anomaly in what has so far been a pointless season about failed relationships and the attempts to mend them.

The fifth episode begins with an unexplained fire alarm going off, forcing the annoying ZBZ sorority pledges to flee the house scantily-clad. And then there’s Betsy in the bushes who has managed to simply have put on her birthday suit. Beginning a show with these scenes simply points out the fact that the “Greek” producers are eager to capture a male audience.

More dirt on the ZBZs: word on the street is that they have slipped down in house ranks to “fourth-ish.” Give it up for the pledges who make a great deal out of this and then show up to Dobler’s Bar dressed as naughty nuns. All in all, bare female skin seems to be a recurring theme.

Rebecca, the token senator’s daughter, attempts to regain Ashleigh’s forgiveness for kissing her boyfriend Fisher, but to no avail. Nothing even Casey, Ashleigh’s best friend, says to Ashleigh changes things. It is odd that Ashleigh has forgiven Fisher enough and that they will be going on a date in the next episode, yet she cannot forgive Rebecca.

Ultimately, not all parts of this episode are poorly written. Evan and Cappie, arch-rivals from previous seasons, really bond during their attempt to make some money by working as waiters. But the job is not the only thing of interest for Cappie: he has set his sights on the unattainable Lana.

What really strikes this episode as the best yet in the third season is the genuine affection that is shown between Jordan and Rusty. The way the two hug after Jordan finds out she did not get into a study-abroad program in Rome is simply heart-warming. Rusty’s feelings for Jordan are obviously way below the surface and this is convincingly portrayed.

If upcoming “Greek” episodes turn out be as touching as this one, I may have to redact my initial hypothesis of the show’s downfall. The producers really nailed it this time.

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