Sexcapades: Lingerie is part of foreplay

Amanda Pollard

A man walks into a lingerie store and immediately heads for the wall with black lace, garter belts, and sparkly, dangly things. A woman walks into the same store and heads for the area with soft boy shorts and comfy tanks; that is, unless it’s her man’s birthday.

There is a stigma associated with sexual aids, which now include lingerie that stems back to the bible. In Ezekiel (16:17) a prophet refers to a woman committing “whoredom” with “images of men” made of gold, silver and jewels. Surprisingly enough, it’s pricier than our toys now, but you get the point. How important is it for couples to introduce sexual stimulants into their relationships? Well, if you’ve been married for 20 years and the act of intercourse now consists of “do you want to” and “I have a headache,” it’s probably pretty important. But for the majority of us, sexual stimulants are not necessary but can always add a little fun.

Sacramento State nursing professor Mary Summers said what makes couples’ sexual relationships successful vary by people.

“I think what makes someone sexy is not just emotional interactions but it’s the dance that’s done before intercourse,” Summers said.

Summers also refers to strippers and the value placed on the excitement that builds as one reveals more and more of their body. She also said that clothing and fabrics can stimulate a woman’s erogenous zones.

“Lace is very tactile and can be stimulating to erogenous zones. It can also make the female feel naughty. If she is doing something risqué, she may be loosened up or more excited,” Summers said.

So why if it’s so normal, and sometimes helpful, do many women feel reluctant to give into their “naughty side?” And are men really that intrigued by it?

Sac State student Jonathan Flom said he doesn’t think what a woman wears, or for that matter doesn’t, makes any difference to how attractive she is.

“If a guy finds a girl cute, it won’t matter if she is wearing sexy lingerie or army fatigues,” Flom said. “What I do believe is that wearing sexy lingerie adds a little extra element or excitement into the foreplay.”

So the question is: Is the lingerie for us or them? Does it make you sexy or just confident? And do men really care?

When asked, students in a human sexuality class widely agreed that wearing lingerie doesn’t necessarily make a woman any sexier. However, if that woman receives more confidence from it, or if the lingerie adds some sort of intrigue to the sexual intercourse, then it can’t be a bad thing.

Human sexuality student Emily Allan said because men are perceived to have say in what is sexy on women, women have begun to gauge their thoughts on pleasing them.

“The men I have talked to don’t really see the point in spending that much money on such a little piece of lace. (They) think that a woman wearing their shirt after a ‘romp in the hay’ is sexier than anything from Fredrick’s,” Allan said.

Another human sexuality student, John-Peter Tan, feels that it’s not only the allure of the lingerie but the fad that it has become.

“Every year during the holidays they put on the Victoria Secret Fashion show,” Tan said. “Lingerie is becoming more like a fashion. They come in different styles, just like everyday clothes we wear.”

Tan also believes that the boosts of a sex life, increase in self-esteem, or simply attraction, are things that make lingerie so appealing.

“Men are so horny that a slight curvature through what a woman wears draws a picture of how kinky they could get. Does lingerie make a person attractive? Behind closed doors, yes, because it can be used for role playing or to just look sexy,” Tan said.

It seems then, that lingerie is very different for men than it is for women. Women feel sexy because of the ruffles and lace, the bows and silk. Men however see a present, something to unwrap.

Sure women don’t need to put on something pretty just to have sex, but you never can tell what it will add to the experience. Women also don’t have to put on makeup, or wear pushup bras, but we do. We do it to feel good about ourselves and to make the men swoon. So sue us.

The question remains: Do men need lingerie to excite them? And why are they so fascinated by it? Well any woman can attest to the fact that men need nothing more than a glance to turn them on. But fascination does lay in the unknown. And let’s face it, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, when it’s wrapped up in lace and tied with a bow, it’s just more fun to play with.

Amanda Pollard can be reached at [email protected]