Blood donations reach record numbers

Steve Perez holding tension ball while giving blood at the Blood Source blood drive.:


Steve Perez holding tension ball while giving blood at the Blood Source blood drive.:

Andres Cuevas Jr.

The Causeway Classic Blood Drive at Sacramento State reached record numbers with more than 1,000 donations in only two days.

Sac State has seen only about 100 students donate blood per day in years past. On the first day of the drive, Oct. 20, 435 students volunteered to donate blood.

Communications Professor Tim Howard and his communications studies 158 class put together a campaign for the blood drive and aimed at getting at least 700 students to donate.

“The local Sacramento community needs 700 pints of blood per day and I thought it would be great if we could get enough blood from the drive to at least cover for one day,” Howard said.

Jason Brand, senior communications and public relations major, felt that being part of this campaign has helped him gain valuable experience and knowledge not learned by staying inside of a classroom.

“This experience is lots of fun and I’m learning things like how to build relationships with professional people,” Brand said.

Howard felt that aside from providing the community with a great service, this experience for his class is very beneficial.

“My students get to take the ideas and theories that they learn from class and apply them to real life,” Howard said.

Joanna Cuellar, junior biology major, was one of many Sac State students who donated blood.

“I’ve always wanted to donate blood to this but I’ve never really had time to because I’m always busy with work and classes,” Cuellar said.

“It’s important for students to come out and donate because so many people are in need and it doesn’t hurt at all to donate a little bit.”

Vanessa Diaz, freshman nursing major, enjoyed being able to donate blood for the very first time.

“I was really excited to donate because this was the first time I actually weighed enough for them to let me,” Diaz said.

“I like to be helpful in any way I can, and my mom didn’t let me be an organ donor so this is a great way for me to help out somehow,” she said.

Ivan Cardiel, sophomore electrical engineer major, also commented on the great feeling he recieved from donating.

“I think it’s good to donate blood because you save lives and really help out your community,” Cardiel said. “Plus, you never know if something might happen to you and you may be the one who needs blood.”

Although mostly students were the donators, some members of the community also participated in the donations.

Sara Mitchell said that she donated blood to help out with the cause, even though she is not a Sac State student.

“I’ve been donating blood for the last 20 years and since they closed the Stockton Blvd. office, I came here,” Mitchell said.

“I am really touched by the overwhelming support we are getting from everyone,” Howard said.

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