Student-run health expo presents speakers, activities

Amanda Pollard

Sacramento State will host its first ever Wellness Expo all day Tuesday in the University Union.

The expo will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and host medical professionals and guest speakers hoping to enhance the health department at Sac State.

Associated Students, Inc. Director of Health and Student Services Kevin Chun, the supervisor of the event, said the goal of everyone participating is to advocate health awareness.

“Of course the presentations are geared toward health majors but all students are encouraged to attend – the information is very interesting,” Chun said.

Speakers will include representatives from Kaiser Health Care and Veteran’s Affairs giving presentations based on their specialties.

Sac State Health Educator Kalyn Coppedge also said Gabrielle Gaspar, a physician from Sac State, will be giving a presentation on the future of education.

Chun said the event will also provide more resources to Sac State students interested in employment in the health field. Students should not only expect information, but also opportunities for volunteer work and jobs.

“Students should expect to meet recruiters as well as clinical educators from places such as Mercy Catholic Health Care West,” Chun said.

Beyond advocating health awareness, Chun said there will be events for students to participate in.

“I wanted to come up with some things so that students wouldn’t only be learning, but also doing the activity,” Chun said. “We want them to know you don’t have to do completely rigorous exercise to stay healthy.”

Students can participate in a 5k run, as well as a Futsal tournament, which is a game similar to a soccer, but with smaller teams.

Students interested in the activities should arrive in the University Union at 11 a.m. for the tournament and noon for the run.

The expo will be run by students and hosted by Associated Students, Inc., the college of health services, as well as the health and career centers, Chun said.

Amanda Pollard can be reached at [email protected].