Partnership revamps outdated CSU billing and payroll systems

Greg Kane

The California State University recently signed an agreement with information technology and e-business solutions provider Unisys to supply the system?s 23 campuses with an updated system for financial and human resources support.

The five-year, $60.1 million agreement will have Unisys implementing Peoplesoft integrated software for CSU?s Common Management Systems (CMS), which eventually will handle payroll, benefits, financial aid and other human resources support for CSU students, staff and faculty, said Alan Aptheker, Unisys Global Outsourcing spokesperson. The new system will allow staff and faculty to become more “web enabled,” accessing this information through a computer.

“What they?re doing is erecting a new software system across the 23 campuses to manage those functions,” Aptheker said.

The new system will affect three separate areas of CSU?s administrative services: financial services, human resources and student services, said CSU spokesperson Ken Swisher. Once the new software is implemented, students will have an easier time gaining access to their grades and other information.

“It?s going to make things a lot easier for students,” Swisher said. “A lot of the things they?ll be standing in line for now they?ll be able to access [electronically].”

Swisher said the software programs previously used for CMS were becoming outdated and needed to be replaced. The new system will get CSU campuses up-to-date, and will help to handle billing and payroll for the more than 41,500 faculty and staff working in the system.

“This is going to take care off all that on a system-wide level,” Swisher said.

Unisys will begin production in July, and will run the system from its data center in Salt Lake City, Aptheker said. The whole system is expected to be up and running by 2006.