EDITORIAL: Academy65’s delay is irresponsible and unacceptable


Jordan Silva-Benham

Construction at Academy65. The apartment complex’s delay is irresponsible.

Academy65 brands itself as the “best location for Sac State students.” And yet it left 286 residents, many of which were Sacramento State students, without a home for nearly three weeks.

The original move-in date was Aug. 21. Then it was pushed to Aug. 28, then to Sept. 8. Now, the apartment complex underwent its final inspection on Friday and received a certificate of occupancy for floors four through six. 

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According to one resident, Academy 65 will be moving students into floors four, five and six on Tuesday. 

Floors two and three are going to take longer.

Residents were promised a home at the “best location for Sac State students” but instead were put up in hotels with no knowledge of when their permanent homes would be ready for move-in for half a month. 

It’s negligent and potentially dangerous. Instead of a trendy living space, residents are paying full price for an under-construction apartment building they cannot even get into, and when they do, there’s almost no chance it will be as luxurious as promised.

Even if the higher floors are ready for move in on Tuesday, it is unlikely that the accompanying amenities will be ready for residents.

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Residents who choose to stay in hotels are being placed at double occupancy, which for many is not honoring the original room choice. It’s unfair and undoubtedly uncomfortable.

For students who are from the Sacramento area, the delayed move-in date may have meant finding a friend or a family member to stay with. At the very least, it may have meant having connections and resources already available to them as they navigated living out of a hotel.

But what about students not from the area? What about students like Jonny Rico, who transferred from a community college in San Diego, over 500 miles away?

Residents were reportedly pressured into, with the potential repercussions of not receiving further gift card payment or hotel-stay accommodation, signing an invalid lease addendum — a lease is not in place until move-in — that said that they would not pursue legal action or disparage the company. 

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A San Francisco tenant rights lawyer said that students have grounds for a class-action lawsuit, one that would entitle them to all the money they’ve already spent on rent and any money they will spend on trying to find a new place to live.

While the Academy65 website offers a “live construction video,” clicking the link currently leads to a message that the camera is offline.

The owners of Academy65 cannot police residents’ speech. If they did not want their residents to disparage them, maybe they should have been honest with them and not bitten off more than they could chew with an over-the-top apartment complex.

People are going to speak when things affect them, no company can or should have the right to shut that down. 

Academy65 needs to take responsibility for their actions, and that takes more than a couple hundred dollars in gift cards. They need to properly compensate their residents for the stress and confusion. For putting them into situational homelessness.

Residents need the “best location for Sac State students” living experience they were promised or their money back.