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Bill Clinton speaks at Sacramento State to rally support for Hillary’s presidential bid

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at Sac State's University Union Ballroom to give attendees reasons why they should vote for his wife Hillary Clinton, Monday, May 23.

Vu Chau

May 24, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton made a campaign stop at Sacramento State’s University Union Ballroom on Monday, May 23 as part of his California trip to fundraise and promote his wife’s, Secretary Hillary Clinton, presidential run. In his 30-minute speech at the rally, Clinton gave accounts of ho...

Why we should not take Kanye West seriously about running for president

Why we should not take Kanye West seriously about running for president

Tiffany Martel

September 10, 2015

I'm sure most of you have heard Kanye West's newest decision about running for presidency in the 2020 election. Nowadays, it just seems that if you are fortunate enough to be wealthy, you can make the decision to run for a political position. And not just any political position, but president of the U...

Why you should not vote for Donald Trump

Daniel Magalit

September 1, 2015

This is a plea. A plea for everyone and anyone that is able to vote. A plea for NO ONE to vote for Donald Trump.Trump has proven, on many occasions, that he is racist, xenophobic, sexist and most prominently, ignorant. If it is not obvious to you that Trump is not, at all, worthy of presidency, then you ...

Robert Nelsen speaks to campus for the first time as new president

Christine Kittle

July 1, 2015

New President Robert Nelsen of Sacramento State had his first press conference to introduce himself to students and the community. In the press conference Nelsen said his reasons for coming to Sac State, a few of his intended visions for the campus and his desire to engage with the community. ...

President Richard Nixon made great contributions to the U.S.

State Hornet Staff

October 8, 2014

President Richard Nixon was greatly disliked by the general population, despite his great contributions to the American People.Nixon had an excellent domestic policy, for he was the first president to desegregate the schools in the south, something many earlier presidents were unable to do. He started th...

New Associated Students Inc. president aims to increase student services on campus

State Hornet Staff

May 14, 2014

Associated Students Inc. President-elect Lauren Lombardo’s main focus is not to change the university’s identity but to improve on its strength through student resources.With 40 percent of Sacramento State’s student population transferring community college and 94 percent living off campus, Lo...

President Alexander Gonzalez speaks at local African-American church

Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez, speaks to the congregation of Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento on Sunday.

State Hornet Staff

February 16, 2014

As part of the California State University African-American initiative to increase enrollment and graduation rates, Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez spoke at Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento on Sunday for the ninth annual Super Sunday.Held on Sundays throughout February, Super Sunday ...

Paving the way for Sen. Warren, 2016

Jaime Carrillo

December 4, 2013

We’re only into President Barack Obama’s first year of his second term and already every Democrat is revving up for 2016. And just like in 2008, the inevitable candidate seems to be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And like 2008, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clinton receives another u...

Grand Old Party not so grand anymore

Jaime Carrillo

October 22, 2013

Even as a guy who doesn’t like parties, I get melancholy when one ends. Sen. John McCain probably gets the same feeling, considering his own party is slowly collapsing into itself. Because of the government shutdown McCain’s party so effectively orchestrated, the GOP has the lowest approval rating si...

Former ASI President robbed at gunpoint

Imran Majid and Maikalina Madali

October 9, 2013

Former Associated Students Inc. president Monica Cortez reported she was robbed at gunpoint outside of College Town Drive Apartments near Sacramento State, Sept. 27.Because the incident happened outside of Sacramento State Police jurisdiction, the case was handled by the Sacramento Police, which has y...

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