PODCAST SPOTLIGHT: Hornet Speaker Series – Russ Buettner

Robbie Pierce and Camryn Dadey

During our Hornet Speaker Series last month, Pulitzer Prize-winning State Hornet alumnus reporter Russ Buettner appeared on our Twitch stream Oct. 21 to discuss how to manage and find sources for hard-hitting investigative stories, find a career in the modern journalistic landscape and earn and keep an audience’s respect and attention in today’s lightning-fast media cycle.

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Buettner, a collaborator on multiple New York Times stories on President Donald Trump’s finances, taxes and debts, as well as the “Abused and Used” series chronicling mistreatment of developmentally disabled people living in New York group homes, also shared various stories of his time as a political investigative reporter.

Music: Inspired by Kevin MacLeod