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3 playlists to beat those back-to-school blues

Photo by Jeshoots / CC BY

Photo by Jeshoots / CC BY

Khanlin Rodgers, Culture editor

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It’s that time of year again. Students are settling for subpar coffee just to stay awake, seniors are trying to crash classes they swear they were waitlisted for, and parking spots are becoming harder and harder to find.

A new semester has just begun, and if you’re anything like me, the music you listen to plays a big part in you getting through a typical day.


By now, we’ve pretty much established that we are indeed a commuter campus, so there’s no use beating that dead horse (for now). Unfortunately, our commuter campus just happens to be in the middle of a city that’s infamous for its notoriously awful drivers. Hopefully, with the help of a few chill hip-hop and alternative indie tracks, you’ll be less susceptible to being completely fed up before you even make it to campus.


Bolting out of the door as soon as class ends doesn’t always mean that your school day is over. There are still plenty of textbooks to be read and online classes to fit into your busy schedule, and of course, those essays don’t write themselves. Let this playlist of alternative R&B and lo-fi beats help you stay focused on your work and save your excuses for your procrastination for another day.

Working Out:

We’ve got quite a bit of time until this semester ends, but I assure you that won’t stop your peers from hitting the weights in an effort to reach their health and fitness goals early. Summer bodies are built in the spring after all. Whether The WELL is your gym of choice, or if you decide to conduct your workouts elsewhere, these songs are sure to get your blood flowing and have you finishing strong.

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