Taste the rainbow at Phlagleblast 2016


Photo Courtesy of The University Union

Vu Chau

The University Union will be decorated in all shades of the rainbow on Sept. 7 to commence its 17th annual Phlagleblast open-house celebration in the theme of “A Burst of Color,” which welcomes students and the Sacramento State community back for another semester of learning.

Since 1999, Phlagleblast has established itself as the most popular social event on campus every fall semester with thens of thousands of students participating in its scavenger hunt for stamps from different organizations and establishments like UNIQUE Programs, PRIDE Center, Wellness Hub, Associated Students, Inc., and Epicure Catering.

Norma Sanchez, assistant director of operations for the Union, said the main purpose of Phlagleblast is to allow students, especially freshmen, to explore the facility and other services that it has to offer.

“We love putting Phlagleblast together every year and our students love participating in it,” Sanchez said. “We give them a stamp card each and it is up to them to go up to each vendor and learn more about what they do. It helps them learn about what the [University Union] does in general.”

A total of voer 25 thousands students will scour through the Union to earn prizes such as one-of-a-kind water bottles, coupons and school supplies from each stop. More than four thousands official Phlagleblast 2016 T-shirts will be given away to those who completed their cards.

Additionally, raffle winners at the end of the celebration will receive higher retail value prizes, such as the Xbox One S game console, and Apple watch, a 32-inch smart TV and the GoPro HERO4 camera.

UNIQUE Programs is providing entertainment for the day by featuring performances from local indie-pop outfit The Color Wild and rock bands Humble Wolf and Lights & Sirens, while KSSU student-run radio station’s DJ and a group of caricature artists, balloonists and face painters will peddle their talents to add to the colorful celebration.

This year’s Phlagleblast will be sophomore business major Meggie Sernaque’s second and she plans to complete her stamp card for the first time ever.

“I think that this event helps students, especially new ones, know how the school works, how to get involved, what’s available and see how the school interact with their students,” Sernaque said.

Even though Phlagleblast is a well-known event on campus, there are a number of students who have never participated in it before, as in the case of Sara Garzona, a senior government major.

“Phlagleblast is a great way to meet other students and get to know the campus,” Garzona said. “When I was a freshman, a lot of my friends said Phlagleblast helped them feel familiar with everything here [at Sac State].”

With the expansion slated to begin construction in January 2017 and take approximately two years to complete, Sanchez said the future of Phlagleblast will be somewhat different.

“Almost everyone knows that this Phlagleblast will be the last one before our expansion,” Sanchez said. “During which, we will probably work around it and incorporate the construction zone to be part of our traditional celebration. You might even see a construction zone-themed Phlagleblast next year. Who knows?”

Phlagleblast 2016 will begin at 8 a.m. on Sept. 7 and go until 2 p.m. throughout the University Union.