Lightning strikes in Texas lead to university-wide Office 365 outage

Microsoft working on restoring access to services


Kiewic - CC by 2.0

Neon sign of Microsoft logo. Microsoft’s Office 365 service experienced outages following lightning strikes in San Antonio, Texas.

Cory Jaynes, news editor

A “severe weather event” on Tuesday, Sep. 4, at 2:29 a.m. PST that included lightning strikes near a data center in San Antonio, Texas led to campus-wide Office 365 outages, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has been working on restoring access to Office 365 services according to an email from the Sacramento State Office of Information Resources and Technology. IRT offers a free version of Office 365 to Sac State students and faculty on the school’s website.

Office 365 users may be “intermittently unable” to access Office 365 and those able to access it may suffer service issues according to Microsoft’s statement on the outage.

Among the services experiencing outages is Office 365’s education services which might experience issues with School Data Sync and Assignments features within teams.

Due to the service outage being on Microsoft’s end, IRT is unable to do anything to mitigate the issue, according to Courtney Zuke, IRT Communications and Marketing Manager.

Zuke said that Microsoft was trying to mitigate the outages by running the services through other data centers. IRT will send out a SacSend message as soon as the services had been restored, she said.