Campus holds Pathways to Public Service event

Joel Boland

The Career Center organized a workshop Thursday, Oct. 29 in the University Union for Sacramento State students interested in getting government jobs.

The event, called Pathways to Public Service: Federal and State Careers, was planned by Alicia Gutierrez, a Sac State student in the Masters of Education program.

Voun Sa, an employer relations specialist with the Career Center, said the event is put on every fall at Sac State.

There were 26 different tables with representatives from organizations and government departments from the California Department of Justice, Education, and Rehabilitation, among others.

Jennifer Reilly, a senior and international relations major, said she hopes of being an FBI agent someday.

“I was looking at Peace Corps, FBI and possibly Marine Corps,” Reilly said.

Steve Dupre, an FBI agent at the Pathways to Public Service event, told students of their likelihood of being accepted into Quantico, the FBI Academy where all new agents are trained.

“You don’t exactly apply,” Dupre said. “You tell them you’re interested, submit your information and qualifications, and they’ll tell you if you interest them.”

Out of the applicants who make it through the initial vetting process, roughly one out of 100 ever make it to Quantico, Dupre said.

Students interested in applying for state government jobs are required to go through a two-step process, said Tyler Morris, a representative from California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

“First, you have to take an exam,” Morris said. “Then, if you qualify, you can apply for a position.”

The exams are generally online and ask applicants questions about their experience and skills. The exams for state jobs were a common question for many students throughout the event.

“For every state job, you have to take an exam,” said Jennifer Miller, a staff services analyst with the Department of Veterans Affairs. “If you haven’t taken the exam, we can’t hire you.”