Emergency funds available for students in need

Denise Barajas

Not many are aware of this campus resource, but for students who have already applied, the student emergency grant fund has been the difference between paying for personal expenses and college expenses.

“My mom was in a car crash and our car was wrecked. The guy that had crashed into her had no insurance so we received no economic help and were left without a car. My housing payment [for the residence halls] was coming up and I knew there was no way I was going to make the payment,” said first-year biology major Jessica Hernandez. Fortunately enough for Hernandez, she had learned about the grant two days prior to the accident from the non-profit community service club on campus, Rotaract. “Some friends and I went to see some clubs… and when I spoke to Rotaract they handed me the emergency fund flyer.”

“[After that], I contacted the number and Mrs. Jodie Howe answered and told me the process and how the [grant] worked. Right after hanging up, I headed to Lassen Hall filed the paperwork and awaited for my answer,” Hernandez said. “A week or so later Mrs. Jodi Howe called me to let me know she had a very special gift for me. So I went to Lassen and she handed me a check for $1,500.”

Hernandez is one of many students who have already received the grant since it first became public this past spring. She is a prime example as to why school officials deemed a resource such as this one a critical asset to our campus.

Students facing a situation similar to Hernandez are encouraged to fill out the online application for the student emergency grant fund via: http://www.csus.edu/student/hpf/hpfapplicationv2.pdf

However, it should be emphasized the grant was made with the intention of helping individuals in serious financial need who have exhausted all other forms of financial aid. This means if you are a student who is still eligible to receive student loans you will be unable to receive the grant. The thought process behind this is that even though no one wants to take out loans, everyone will most likely have to at some point in time, and this grant is not meant to be a replacement for a loan.

As stipulated on the application form itself this grant is meant to, “assist students who experience a financial emergency or unanticipated expenses causing short-term financial hardship that requires immediate attention to keep a student in college. This program is designated to assist those who cannot reasonably resolve their financial difficulty through scholarships, loans or other Financial Aid awards… These awards are not a loan and do not need to be repaid.”

Students who are facing some sort of emergency financial crisis that could jeopardize their studies at Sacramento State may be eligible to receive up to $1,500 to help cover some of the expenses they have accumulated. Things that might qualify as emergency crises include: loss due to a fire, recent eviction, natural disasters, unexpected unemployment, etc.

After submitting the application, students will then be asked to conduct an interview with a case manager to determine whether or not they qualify for the grant. Even if they do not quality, the case manager will still provide more resources to the student so they do not have to deal with their situation alone.

For more information about the grant fund, or if you are a student who feels like they may be eligible for the student emergency grant fund, stop by Lassen Hall Room 3008.