Students disappointed Easter was not aligned with spring break

Ruth Williams

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As children, students would receive at the very least, a week off in honor of the holiday.

As of late, the UC and CSU systems have opted to recognize the former Easter break as spring break, and have the break nowhere remotely close to Easter Sunday. This change has been an issue for some, while it doesn’t bother others because they are happy to have a week off.

“Honestly, I don’t think we should have spring break, we should just end the school year earlier,” said junior communications studies major Jerry Turner.

Despite the desire to skip spring break, Turner does enjoy the spring. He described it as the most beautiful time of the year.

“Spring break allows students to enjoy the nice weather without having to go to school before the heat gets intense,” said Turner.

The weather in the summer can reach over 100 degrees, causing people to feel the need to stay indoors to protect themselves from the sun.

Other students weren’t as mellow about spring break as Turner. Sophomore biological science major, Crystal Tram, was not happy that Sacramento State held spring break two weeks before Easter.

Tram said her spring break would have gone better if it had been scheduled the same week as the other local colleges and institutions.

“I would’ve been with my whole family in Las Vegas living in a houseboat,” said Tram.

Tram explained that the rest of her family is spending the week having fun without her while she’s stuck at school.

From despising spring break for prolonging the school year, to blaming it for loss of family time, some students had a more personal disdain for the placement dates of Sac State’s spring break.

Senior business major, Paul Williams, said it’s a big deal that spring break does not coincide with Easter. Williams views the gesture as the university ignoring the convictions of Christians not only attending the university, but across the U.S.

“They are choosing to refuse to recognize a national holiday as important,” said Williams.

Williams said spring break was originally made to celebrate the holiday of Resurrection Sunday. He does not see the point of having spring break if students are not given the opportunity to extensively celebrate Easter in the same week.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we have an autumn break?” asked Williams.