AIRC acts as big resource center on campus

Ruth Williams

The Academic Informational Resource Center (AIRC) is arguably the most resourceful building on campus. Not only is it the host of many classrooms, but it also possesses a number of resources for students.

The building is accessible 24/7 and houses a complete set of new and improved furniture. From iPads, to PCs and Macs, the AIRC offers students the tools and technology they need to succeed.

Collaboration tables, areas for presentation practice, technology assistance and assignment-focused workshops are all included in the assets of the AIRC. Workshops on essay format and Microsoft Office are held on a weekly basis.

There are two computer labs with over 30 computers each. The lab on the first floor in room 1016 is open 24 hours a day, and the lab on the second floor is open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday and closes on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. and opens Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

The second floor is home to a new poster creation and printing center that produces posters for students’ projects free of charge.

Despite her sparse utilization of the various resources in the building, junior Madison Kapiloff believes the AIRC is a necessity for the Sacramento State campus.

“I’ve only gone in there a couple times for class, but I think it’s great,” said Kapiloff.

First-year student Jessica Rodriguez said the AIRC is very useful to her.

“I’m in here about four to five times a week,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said combined with the library, the AIRC is the best place for her to study. She recognizes that the AIRC is very accommodating for students because it is open every day, all day.

In reference to the new renovation the AIRC underwent during spring break, Rodriguez said she did not like the personal couches because there is not enough room for her to spread her stuff.

“Everything else I like,” said Rodriguez.

Senior student intern for IRT Learning Space Services, located on the second floor of the AIRC, John Pham, said the AIRC is beneficial to students, especially considering the new renovations.

“It makes it easier for students to study and socialize,” said Pham.

As an IRT intern, it is Pham’s duty to assist students in the computer lab with printing, scanning, and other technical issues. He also helps professors with their technical issues in the classroom.