Vaughn delivers in latest movie

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Vaughn delivers in latest movie

Vaughn delivers in latest movie

Vaughn delivers in latest movie

Vaughn delivers in latest movie

Vaughn delivers in latest movie

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A lot of people can not fathom having one kid but imagine finding out you are the biological parent of more than 500 children.

Actor Vince Vaughn (“The Internship” 2013, “The Watch” 2012, “Wedding Crashers” 2005), plays David Wozniak in Director Ken Scott’s dramatic comedy “Delivery Man:” a scene for scene remake of Scott’s French-Canadian film “Starbuck.”

In “Delivery Man,” David is a good-natured, immature underachiever. Right away it is clear that he is the family screw-up. He has been in the same routine for most of his life and after working the same job as a delivery truck driver for his family’s meat company for years, everything gets turned upside down.

David is told the shocking news that he has fathered 533 children through a bountiful amount of sperm donations he made 20 years prior as a young man under the alias Starbuck.

If finding out about the children was not enough, 142 of them have filed a lawsuit demanding the sperm donor is identified, he lost $80,000 in a pyramid scheme and he owes a debt to the mob.

After receiving the news of his mass amount of children, David enlists the help of his long time friend Brett (Chris Pratt – “Movie 43” 2013, “Parks and Recreation” 2009-2013 – ), a father of four.

Brett is a small-time lawyer with seemingly very little merit in order to help out his friend he agrees to represent David in the sperm donor case. Brett ends up giving David an envelope with the names and information of all of the children involved in the case.

Instead of David taking Bretts’ advice of not opening the envelope, he does and soon finds himself on a journey of curiosity as he begins tracking down his adult children. He starts by essentially spying on them from a distance and then slowly works his way into their lives while keeping his identity a secret.

In the beginning of the film viewers are faced with a couple of comedic moments from Vaughn’s character that gradually work their way into being more sentimental moments as he grows closer to his children.

His children are from all walks of life, some of the more prominent storylines come from him meeting his son Ryan (Sebastien Rene) who has multiple sclerosis, another son Josh (Jack Raynor) who works as a barista but has the dream of becoming an actor and a drug addict daughter Kristen (Britt Robertson).

The whole idea of this film was very interesting because it is surely impossible – I hope – to have that big of a mix-up, but the sheer impossibility and realness of it all make this movie watchable.

This unexpected heart-warmer creates a date night movie that seems to appeal more towards the male audience; with little depth to the storyline which is almost expected with any movie featuring Vaughn.

This time around, viewers will get to experience Vaughn in a role different than the ones they are used to seeing him in.

Aside from the amusing relationship between David and Brett, relationships between David and his girlfriend played by Cobie Smulders from the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” and the emotional connections between David and his newly discovered children enhance the storyline giving the viewers something to remember.

Even though the film is not quite a blockbuster it is still worth the watch for those moviegoers interested in sentimental coming of age type films.

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