Hoppy’s brew caters to beer enthusiasts

Kaitlin Sansenbach

There is one place that stands out because of its specialty beers, food and atmosphere, all greeted by a big, yellow, smiling sun.

Hoppy Brewing Company, tucked onto the side of Folsom Boulevard and 65th Street has been brewing craft beer and serving food to local customers since 1993.

The making of the beer can actually be seen through the window at the back of the restaurant as Hoppy’s offers nine specialized brews ranging from pale ales to India pale ales. You can purchase a pint for $3.50 or share a pitcher with friends for $12.

Freshly brewed beer is not the only specialty Hoppy offers. The food is reasonably priced at $4 for their small plates that range from wings and calamari to freshly made fries with homemade sauces.The small plates are half off at $2.50 each from 9:30 to 11 p.m. on Sundays to Wednesdays and 10:30 p.m. to midnight on Thursdays to Saturdays.

“My favorite appetizer is the sliders,” said Hoppy’s manager Anna Riccomini. “We have six different choices, even including meatball, bison, burger and turkey. They are great.”

Riccomini has been with the company for the past three months and was led to the brewery because it was a neighborhood establishment with a dedicated staff.

“Stoney Faced Ale is my favorite,” Riccomini said. “I love dark, richer red beers.”

Not only are the products made fresh, but their atmosphere is unlike other restaurants people can find around the Folsom Boulevard area close to Sacramento State.

Staci Brown has tended bar at Hoppy’s for the past six months and could not love her job more because of the chill customers she serves.

“I’ve worked in a lot of bars in Northern California, including Chico, and you have to deal with fights and it’s typically not a good environment, but at Hoppy, it’s totally different,” Brown said. “The regulars and people we get for happy hour and during the day are really awesome. People are all typically really mellow, enjoying the beer and having a good time with the bartenders.”

Not only does Hoppy’s provide its Sac State customers with good munchies and unique brews, but it contributes to the campus by being the sponsors of teams at Sac State.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Scott Patterson, has worked for Hoppy’s for three years and he said he likes reaching out and giving back to the Sac State community.

“We look at how to give back to the community. In donations alone in the month of September, we donated more than $7,000 in just beer and food alone,” Patterson said. “We also sponsor a couple of groups at Sac State including the wakeboard team and the snowboard team as well.”

Through its refreshing beers, craveable appetizers, laid-back atmosphere and service to the community it’s hard to find a reason not to stop by Hoppy’s during the week.

Kaitlin Sasenbach can be reached at [email protected]