Positive vibes and soul spread throughout crowd at Wednesday Nooner

Cesar Alexander

Two free hours of live music were presented by UNIQUE at the Wednesday nooner this week, with performances by Mystic Roots Band and Candelaria. The Wednesday Nooner is a free live concert series that will host a different artist every Wednesday at noon this semester.

Right around the time your sundial stopped working, Mystic Roots Band was introduced on stage at the University Union Serna Plaza. Band leader Coot Wyman let his hip-hop fury loose as the reggae music took over the plaza as positive vibes and soul spread throughout the crowd.

“Cootdog” had the ability to freestyle, beatbox and play the keys along with his vocal duties throughout the show. The one and only female member, Katherine Ramirez, stands out strong with a range of vocals that compliment Wyman’s versatility.

The MRB played a reggae cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” a surprising rendition that can only be complemented to the highest degree. In regards to the song and playing covers, bass player Rabbit believes, “Every good band definitely has a good list of things that are their influence and therefore learn to play because it progresses playing as a group.” A promising outlook on the progress the band is willing to make.

“We’re trying to push things that can be heard by all ages,” says Wyman. “We’re doing a lot of cool remixes with dance, dancehall, EDM, dub style – it’s a great mix of our new album “Camp Fire,” adds Ramirez.

Mystic Roots Band “Camp Fire” is now available for pre-order and will be released on iTunes Sept. 24. You can also visit their website at MysticRoots.com.

The second half of this two hour Wednesday Nooner was headlined by Oakland’s very own Candelaria. Playing their first show in the city of Sacramento, Candelaria brings a familiar old groove together with a new sound known as Cumbia-Dub.

Stephani Candelaria is the barefoot lead singer of the band who writes most of the songs with the help of drummer and backup vocalist, Rafael Herrera. There is also a live saxophone player that mixes dub effects, along with a bass, guitar, congas and a guira.

According to Candelaria, their sound comes from, “mixing the rhythms and tropical sensibilities of Colombian cumbia mixed with Jamaican dub effects, fused with bachata, cuban and merengue.”

You can tell they’re good people by the energy they exert on stage, and specifically the red lips on Candelaria’s big smile as she dances to every musical breakdown that inherently speaks to the audience’s hips. The music is sung mostly in Spanish, but translates well throughout the crowd as good music is sure to do.

“We do everything ourselves; we have a studio that we mix, we master, and record everything right there in Oakland,” states Candelaria. Their self-titled album is available now on iTunes and they have a “second album coming out if not in the winter, then in the early spring,” and they will be touring throughout the winter up and down the west coast.

You can visit CandelariaMusica.com for more information.

EGG band is scheduled to perform “elements of jazz, punk and psychedeleic rock” at the next Wednesday Nooner on Sept. 11. – don’t miss out!

Cesar Alexander can be reached at statehornetarts@gmail.com