The Dating Game returns to Sac State to play matchmaker again

Kaitlin Sansenbach

“Love at first sight” is the idea that two people can fall madly in love with one another after their eyes lock for the first time.

This idea was the inspiration for the once-popular game show called, “The Dating Game.”

When the first show aired, it featured a female contestant and three suitors trying to woo her. Each gender sits on opposite sides of a partition, and the woman would ask numerous questions in order to meet her alleged perfect match.

In spirit of Valentine’s Day, Sacramento State’s UNIQUE and KSSU radio are hosting their version of “The Dating Game” today. Participants will gather in the Redwood Room at noon in hopes of finding that “love at first sight”.

For UNIQUE adviser Ajamu Lamumba, this semester’s edition of “The Dating Game” will be the first time he is involved in the game show, but he said he expects a successful turnout.

“People will come to the event and have a good time reliving the famous dating game that happened in the 70s,” Lamumba said.

For the past three years, KSSU has co-sponsored this event with UNIQUE.

“You never know what to expect,” said Josue Alvarez of KSSU. “Generally when coming into it, a lot of the students are shy. It’s this awkward thing where some people felt gutsy enough to go do it, but once the contestants get up there, they are like, ‘Oh…uh,’ and get stage fright.”

Alvarez said he would never be a contestant on the show.

“It just takes a certain type of person,” Alvarez said.

In preparation for the game show, Lamumba said there were at least 25 applications handed out in hopes of getting a variety of people to participate.

UNIQUE volunteer Priya Kumar has worked this event for the past two years and said certain types of people try out.

“The stereotypes would be the guy who is overly confident, and there are the ones with the over-the-top answers to just make people laugh,” Kumar said.

In order to entice people to join in the game show, there is a prize package provided by KSSU and tickets to upcoming concerts hosted by UNIQUE.

Dean Sorensen was the UNIQUE adviser who originally came up with the idea of hosting a Sac State Dating Game in the 80s. With his expertise, Sorenson gave his last advice to the participants of the Dating Game.

“Relax and enjoy it for what it is,” Sorenson said. “It’s not really a process for finding a date. It’s just primarily entertainment for the audience and a chance to try something different.”