Perfect episode to lead in to a break

Nathan Mendelowitz

In a show that has been finding redemption after a previous lackluster season, “The Walking Dead” continued its brilliance with a mid-season finale that did not disappoint.

The episode begins with a new band of survivors finding the prison. Included is a fan favorite from the comics, Tyreese, a former NFL player who in the comics is considered second in command behind Rick.

Other things going on in the prison are a comical scene between Carol and one of the prisoners when the prisoner believes Carol to be a lesbian because of her short haircut. It’s funny and shows a continued effort to throw some kind of light humor into a show full of darkness and death.

Things seem rather peaceful in the prison compared to Woodbury where things are the complete opposite.

Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar infiltrate Woodbury with ease, tactically moving from building to building with smoke grenades in hand to find Glenn and Maggie.

The precision of this operation is almost surgical and would make even Seal Team Six proud. One would almost think they were seasoned special force members instead of grimy survivors.

Oscar is killed in the battle, but it’s ok since Tyreese is there to fill in the one male black lead. It’s harsh to say, but the reality is there is not much diversity in the show. T-Dog and Oscar were not much on words but hopefully Tyreese is. He was a very strong character in the comics and it would be nice to see him like that in the show.

Later on, Michonne ventures off to await the arrival of the Governor and soon discovers his sick and demented room full of heads with his undead daughter and a fantastic fight scene ensues between Michonne and the Governor.

The scene is great to watch but it almost seems out of place. Considering what little the Governor has done to Michonne to provoke an attack of this proportion is odd. It makes sense why Michonne attacks him in the comics because the Governor beats her brutally and rapes her multiple times. Yet in the show he really only gives her a stern talking-to and allows her to leave. Sure, he sent Merle after her but she didn’t have to stay close to allow that.

Still, it’s great to see in a weird way the Governor finally get his “medicine.” After all the times he has killed outsiders with no remorse, he finally gets his bad karma. It’s a fitting justice for a man so long gone from anything good.

The ending has a sick turn that will make any fan cringe in horror and leave many to wonder what will happen.

The episode was full of high-stress moments and it was done very well. It kept viewers on the edge of their seat the entire episode, even through the down moments, which is not easy. The writing has been fantastic and has really shown an effort to bring this show back from the depths of mediocrity.

This episode did a great job setting up the rest of the season and hopefully the full on war between the two camps. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until February, but it seems it will be worth the wait.


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