The Well holds biggest intramural event at Hornet Stadium


Clifton Jones

The Well is putting on its annual Intramural Football Championship and for the first time it will be played at Hornet Stadium.

In order to get to the championships, eight teams have been battling it out since Monday to narrow it down to two final teams after today’s round, who will then play in the championship. The winner of the championship will advance to the Regional 6 tournament in Arizona.

The remaining eight teams were Ebony Lust (6-0), Wild Cats (3-3), Entity (6-0), Pi Kappa Alpha (6-0), Cutthroat Committee (5-1), Creation of Society (5-1), Sigma Chi (4-2) and Snicklerfitz (4-2).

“(The) Intramural football championship will be the biggest event The Well put on this year,” said The Well’s Intramural Event Coordinator Jairon Jackson.

The final games have been broken down into Monday-Wednesday brackets, and Tuesday-Thursday brackets.

The Monday-Wednesday bracket consisted of No. 1 seed Cutthroat Committee vs. No. 5 seed Snickerflitz and No. 2 Creation of Society vs. No. 6 seed Sigma Chi. Cutthroat Committee won this bracket and will move on to the championship round.

The Tuesday-Thursday bracket consisted of No. 1 seed Ebony Lust vs. No. 4 seed Wild Cats and No. 2 Entity vs. No. 3 Pi Kappa Alpha.

Ebony Lust, a most likely favorite to win Sac State Intramural Football championship, came up one game short last year at nationals in Los Angeles.

“Ebony Lust is one of the top teams for Sac State and in the Region 6 area,” Jackson said.

Before the playoff round, senior team captain for Ebony Lust Jeremy Gagnebin said he is confident his team has a good chance to win this year.

“We have a big game against Entity and if we win I think we should be able to win the championship game,” Gagnebin said.

Ebony Lust won the Tuesday-Thursday bracket and will now face Cutthroat Committee on Friday in the championship duel.

Region 6 is comprised of seven states – California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Utah. Within those states, the universities will bring its best team to duke it out for a chance to play for Nationals.

The athletes are not the only ones who compete in these tournaments, but the referees compete as well. The refs compete in the Regional competition to win a bid to ref at Nationals.

Jackson said Sac State is one of the best in intramural flag football and officiating and they chose the refs based on experience and evaluation.

The Intramural Football Championship game between Cutthroat Committee and Ebony Lust will be played on Friday at 1:30 p.m. at Hornet Stadium.

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