The Governor’s arrival

Nathan Mendelowitz

In an epic scene taken right out of the comics, “The Walking Dead” begins with a helicopter crash.

After last episode’s focus on the ruthless-turn main character Rick has taken, viewers get to see what Andrea and new comer Michonne are up to as they are the first to the crash site.

They soon find themselves in company with another band of survivors, which includes the infamous Governor from the comics. The Governor was the main antagonist for most of the first half of the comic series and it’s great to finally see him in action.

Meryl, a character from season one thought to be dead, makes an appearance as a member of the survivors from the town Woodbury of which The Governor is the leader.

In a change of story telling, the episode follows closely to what happens in the comics when the characters first enter Woodbury. Even for it being Andrea and Michonne who entered first rather than Rick and Michonne, it’s still similar.

Everything seems safe within the walls of Woodbury as the inhabitants show little fear of the outside. In a world where danger is around every corner, it’s interesting to see a community having fun and enjoying their time in what many would call the apocalypse.

As the Governor enjoys a meal with Andrea and Michonne, he explains his drive to keep the city safe. Woodbury is in many ways the opposite of what “The Walking Dead” has portrayed.

Every episode before has the main group of survivors doing their best to avoid danger while trying to find a place to stay the night. Never finding a safe place, even the prison from last episode has its many dangers inside and out.

Woodbury on the other hand shows a safe place surrounded by walls with houses to live in. No one is dirty or injured making it seem like the best place on earth.

However, all is not what it seems as the Governor shows his true self and kills all the army men who sent the chopper. Showing no hesitation, he kills the final survivor and takes all the supplies. It’s a great episode as it shows every bit of change the character shows in his first issue appearance in the comics on a grand scale on television.The ending is great and is almost frame-for-frame with the comics for the final revelation of how sadistic the Governors psyche is and how he get’s his “entertainment.” Things are sure to heat up in the upcoming episodes when Rick and his survivors meet the citizens of Woodbury.