President Gonzalez delivers Fall Address

Maikalina Madali

President Alexander Gonzalez delivered his semi-annual address Thursday to a full auditorium. The president delivered news about the campus, upcoming budget concerns and campus renovations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Gonzalez is entering his tenth year as president of Sacramento State.
  • He repeatedly referred to the “cautious budget approach” administration as taking in order to facilitate student needs, while staying under budget.
  • The future basis of the budget was said to depend on the outcome of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Propostion 30, which will be decided in November.
  • Gonzalez specified that the CSU Board of Trustees has endorsed the measure as the best possible outcome for the fiscal year.
  • Due to the possibility of the measure not passing, the campus had to prepare more than $11 million in baseline reductions just in case.
  • Gonzalez said to the audience that the university is prepared if or when the time calls for severe budget cuts.
  • He said Sac State’s cautious budget approach and careful planning are helping the campus to survive and that nothing in the last few years has been easy.
  • Gonzalez said all the new program department changes and community involvement which have been implemented to extend Sac State’s reach internationally and make the campus a leading institution.
  • He said that the top priority for the school is to approach all of these challenges the campus will face and turn them around to use for the school’s advantage.
  • “We are here for you, the students, and we are working for our faculty and staff,” he said. “We haven’t lost sight.”

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