Food and Nutrition Club holds ‘Nutrition Jamboree’ with free fruit in the quad today


Sac State Food and Nutrition club members – (left to right) junior dietetics major Valerie Turner, senior dietetics major Siena Kriesch, junior dietetics major Tarra Mumma and junior dietetics major Martha Holt – hand out free fruit in the Quad today to raise awareness of their club, food and health. 

Janice Daniels

There is nothing better than getting out of class on a warm afternoon – with hardly any food in your stomach – and passing by a booth in the Quad (that wasn’t trying to buy my soul) giving out free fresh fruit. 

Today several students from Sac State’s Food and Nutrition Club took time out of their days to pass out free apples, bananas, oranges and small bags of pistachios to raise awareness about their club, nutrition and more. 

With the farmers market having been held on Thursday and the Food and Nutrition club doing this today, I am becoming more and more proud of this campus and its efforts in encouraging students to live healthier, more sustainable lives. 

You rule, Food and Nutrition Club.

Find out more about Sac State Food and Nutrition club HERE

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