What to make of the first quarter of Sac State’s football season.

Dante Geoffrey

The first three games of the football season have not made a lot of sense for Sac State fans.

This is how the average, rational fan felt before and after Sac State’s first three games.

Oregon State

Before: Just write it in as a loss. Best-case scenario, they don’t get embarrassed and they’ll be fine come conference play.


Southern Utah

Before: A decent Great West team with a notable quarterback. This is a good test following Oregon State, we should take them seriously … BUT WE JUST BEAT OREGON STATE! Is Utah even big enough to warrant a Southern Utah University? Step aside, T-Birds.

After: What just happened? Did someone draw on my face with Sharpie? Oh man, I didn’t see that coming. But still, 1-1, we beat Oregon State. Woo. We just had a little hangover and we’ll bounce back next week.

Weber State

Before: OK, after the embarrassing loss at Southern Utah, I’m sure coach Marshall Sperbeck will have them focused and ready to dispel the notion that week one was a fluke.

After: Week one was a fluke.

Let that marinate. The biggest win in school history was a fluke due to the poor play by Oregon State’s starting QB for one half, two favorable pass interference calls and one favorable non-call on the final play of the game.

All of the excitement and momentum from week one’s thrilling marquee win is gone.

More than that, Sac State is playing awful football. The Hornets are not barely losing; they’re getting blown out.

Consider this: The Hornets gave up three points to Oregon State in the first half. After Oregon State switched quarterbacks at halftime they went on to outscore Sac State 25-15 for the remainder of the game. 

Sac State was still able to hold on to that game thanks to some timely plays and a few big pass interference penalties, but the defensive collapse was a sign of things to come.

The Hornets have been outscored 84-31 in their last two games. So not only has the defense been porous, but the offense has been unable to keep pace with the opponent.

The Hornets are third-worst in the Big Sky with 60 total points.

The offense has shown flashes of potential and Jeff Fleming has proven he can be an effective quarterback, but there has been no consistency when it comes to moving the ball.

That sounds bad – and it is – but there’s still an optimistic side for those not willing to give up on the green and gold. 

The Hornets have yet to play a home game.

Playing three consecutive road games (that’s six flights in 15 days) is no easy task. Fatigue, focus and f-… practice all elevate in importance when you spend that much time away from home.

Is it an excuse? Absolutely. And one the Hornet players would dismiss in an instant. But still, it’s an excuse.

But that will only last until Saturday, when the Hornets host the Montana Grizzlies at 6:05 p.m.

Will mom’s homemade cooking do the trick? Or is week one going to remain the only memorable moment of the 2011 Sac State football season?

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