Hi, nice to blog you!

Dante Geoffrey

Welcome to The Skinny Post, the poorly named but enthusiastically written sports blog written by yours truly.

What do you mean you don’t know who I am? Has my reputation as fantasy football runner-up two years in a row not preceded me?

I guess an introduction is necessary. I am the Assistant Sports Editor for The State Hornet, meaning to some degree I’m responsible for providing you with content on The State Hornet’s online sports section.

During the course of the Fall 2011 semester I will regularly update The Skinny Post with news, opinions, videos, rants, links, polls, and the occasional cry for help (this is a blog, after all). 

I aim to give you, the reader (I’m hesitant to use the plural form), consistent and timely coverage of the sports world, which encompasses Sac State, the NCAA, and professional sports leagues. 

It will not cover NASCAR. Again, this is a sports blog.

I may be the one updating the blog, but the content will be largely dependent on what you want. Let me know via email or comment what you want to read about. Know of an interesting sports story? Send me a link. Participation is not required but is strongly encouraged. 

Thanks for reading (I’m looking at you, Mom) and stay tuned, big news coming from the blog tomorrow!

Oh, and about the name. It’s supposed to be a clever pun, combining elements of football routes, newspaper names, and the fact that a blog is a small (or skinny) post. Yea, I guess if you have to explain the pun, it wasn’t worth writing.

But the rest of the blog will be. Maybe.

Dante Geoffrey is the Assistant Sports Editor for The State Hornet and author of the weekly chronicle, “Column Like I See It.” He can be reached at asports@statehornet.com and you can follow him on twitter, @dantegeoffrey.