Early onset nostalgia: Corvallis travel diary


The only picture that really matters.

Dante Geoffrey

This past weekend did not go according to plan for Sac State’s football team. The prior week didn’t go according to plan either, but in a much more awesome way. 

In an attempt to forget the deflating 35-14 loss at Southern Utah University, let’s go back to a better time, all the way back to last weekend.

About a month before the upset win in Corvallis I had a sliver of an idea to cover the game live. I half-expected to be told that it just wasn’t feasible to send two or more journalists from Sacramento to Oregon. And even if I did make it up there, I definitely didn’t expect to be covering a dramatic win.

But everyone who was in a position to help, did. To their fullest ability. And because of them, two of the coolest and most handsome (attribution needed) State Hornet “journalists” were able to drive for 30 hours, party–and cover what turned out to be (arguably) the biggest win in school history.

So, thanks everyone.

This is the travel diary (aka: throwaway photos that I wanted to put on a blog) of two journalists’ journey to Corvallis, Oregon.

Please keep in mind that I am neither a professional photographer, a student photographer nor an aspiring photographer. These pictures will likely look similar to the photos your grandma took of you at Marine World in 1992.

But I am glad as hell I was able to take them.

All photos were taken by me, except for the picture of the dog, which Jesse took. It also happens to be the one photo that’s “in focus” and “composed.” Whatever.