ASI and Sac State residents play ?Wild ?n Crazy? games

Brett Johnson

Associated Student Inc. hosted “Wild ‘n Crazy Res” for its second year to create an entertaining environment for students to engage in the Sacramento State community.

ASI, Sac State’s student government, is a nonprofit organization and is designed to serve and promote students to get involved in events like “Wild “n Crazy Res” on campus, said junior film major Mercedes Tyler, a coordinator of the event.

Tyler said “Wild ‘n Crazy Res” is designed to help foster relationships between the students who live on campus. She said because living costs on campus can be expensive for students, planning an event for students that is “pure fun” and free will hopefully get students out of their resident halls to have good time.

“This year, ASI took away the competitive nature of the event and instead focused on group activities,” Tyler said. “I think this year was a better turnout, more students came out to have a good time and enjoy the free pizza and prizes.”

Event coordinator Crystal Canonigo, senior recreation, parks and tourism administration major, said ASI collaborated more with resident assistants this year to expose ASI to the residence halls and to promote ASI and its mission of serving students.

“Part of students’ tuition fees go toward ASI, so I think students should know what ASI is all about.” Canonigo said. “ASI wants to use their resources to host events like “Wild “n Crazy Res’ for students to have a sense of community and at the same time engage with on-campus events.”

Building a community is part of ASI’s goal, said ASI member Liz Redford, junior psychology major.

“Making a social environment for students to come out and meet each other, is important and shows that ASI really cares about students at Sac State,” Redford said.

Costas Johnson, freshman marketing major, said he had a great time at the event and liked that everyone was interacting together without stressing about classes.

“I definitely think this event is a good thing for freshmen, like me,” Johnson said. “It gets everyone out here and gets everyone active. It definitely helps people get involved with the community.”

As students engaged in the activities ASI provided during the event, the Motocross and Ski and Snowboard club joined the scene by providing activities, free shirts and information about their club on campus.

Ski and Snowboard club member Meghan Bone, freshman psychology major, reached out to students about joining the Ski and Snowboard club to engage with other students while having a good time, meeting new people and riding the slopes in the winter.

“It’s great to see everyone out here together and get out of their building and interact with new people they have never met before, but I also think this event is a great opportunity for the Ski and Snowboard Club to promote an active community,” Bone said.

Club member Jordan Clegg, sophomore business major, said ASI should host more events like “Wild “n Crazy Res” for students to interact with clubs on campus and see what they are about while having a great time as well.

“I think this event is awesome,” Clegg said. “I think there should be events like this more often to get students involved with the Sac State community as well as get outdoors doing stuff.”

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