Episode Three of “The Office” gets juicy

Daniel Vasilchuk

“The Office” makes an award-winning comeback with quite a few laughs, plenty of sexual innuendos and as much quirky acting by Michael as possible, in Episode Three of the seventh season.

The stage is set for Andy’s part in a theatrical production at the beginning of the episode, with dressed up actors littering the office and singing show tunes. They dance around as the rest of the staff looks on excitedly. Michael, of course, simply has to sour the upbeat atmosphere afterwards by bringing up the fact that he did not get the part he auditioned for.

Participating in the play is Andy’s master plan to get Erin to be into him again, as she had been in the previous season. He eventually convinces most of his co-workers to also come to his play.

Dwight initially refuses to go to the play, but Angela, his “girlfriend,” hangs their sexual contract over his head and basically forces him to come. The contract involves Dwight and Angela procreating five times, which oftentimes leads to some hot and bothered scenes between the two.

Sex in a car? I was surprised to see Dwight try to go for it, only to get turned down. Women seem to always control these types of things. Darn, the show could have used a good sex scene to get viewers excited &- well, not literally! Get your mind out of the gutter.

In the end, everyone actually makes it to the play. Well, not everyone. The kicker? Erin decides to babysit for Pam and Jim so that they could come see Andy perform. But now Andy is depressed since his whole point was to win Erin back with the play. He keeps checking his iPhone for new messages, hoping Erin would contact him. Wouldn’t you know it…his phone goes off in the middle of a scene. Andy tries, without success, to make fun of the situation but the atmosphere just grows more tense as the audience is clearly disappointed.

Michael, who is obviously uncomfortable at the play, brings wine to blow off some steam and ends up sharing it with the rest of the staff. Suddenly he drops the bottle and it rolls all the way to the stage! Balloons rise to the ceiling from between his legs, and suddenly pop, startling everyone. What’s this? A baby even starts crying. Erin had brought Jim and Pam’s baby to the play.

Jim and Pam leave to take care of the baby and Erin sticks around to watch the rest of the play, much to the excitement of Andy. It was truly a heart-warming moment to see Erin in the back of the theater, with Andy excited.

After the play, Andy takes Erin backstage and they seem glad to be hanging out, outside of work. It is too bad that Gabe calls in the middle of their intimate conversation and Erin has to leave. Andy is once again disappointed, but the rest of his co-workers soon find him and try to cheer him up.

This episode simply blew my expectations away. This is what makes a good comedy for me. Lots of intertwined stories leading to a final, “Aha!” with lots of scenes, lines, and actors to laugh about. Cheers to the producers for a job well done; the show was juicy, literally.

In the words of Pam, “let’s get our juice on!” Here is to hoping for some more delightful episodes.

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