Episode Four of “The Office” has lots of laughs

Daniel Vasilchuk

It is all about sex in the fourth episode of “The Office.” Herpes was the one word that was said the most.

What starts the sex-related frenzy is when Michael, manager of the Dunder Mifflin paper company, discovers a weird pimple on top of his lip. The staff speculates that it is herpes and Michael believes them. Meredith, one of the accountants, declares openly that she has herpes as well.

Michael, of course, does not have herpes, and it is just a cold sore.

He then proceeds to call all of his previous sexual partners to tell them he has herpes. He also goes as far as tracking down certain ex-girlfriends at workplaces, to give them the news.

While Michael is out and about, Andy tries to educate his colleagues on sex.

What had me laughing is the way he was attempting to do this. First, he shows them a picture of a male penis without herpes. Then, he takes out a picture of a penis with herpes. This grosses the staff out, but he proceeds nevertheless.

When Andy tries to create a pros and cons list about having sex, the staff can only think of the positive reasons, which leaves him stumped.

Andy then embarrasses himself because he actually knows less about sex than the others. He tries to put a condom on a pencil, fails, gets pissed off, throws pizza at the wall and storms out.

Part of the reason he is pissed off is that he knows that Erin is together with Gabe, and has sex with him. He finds that out after no one raises their hands when he asks the staff about who is practicing abstinence.

Overall, the episode was just too quick. We needed more of Michael and his shenanigans with the ex-girlfriends. We needed to see at least a small resolution to the conflict between Gabe and Andy. The two are still as tense as before, since Gabe is dating Andy’s ex-girlfriend Erin.

Nevertheless, it was just fun to watch Michael tell his ex-girlfriends that he had herpes, when he did not. As always, he was straightforward and this only added to the hilarious predicaments he was in with these women.

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