Double Coverage: Classy and trashy sports weddings gain followers

Cassie Kolias

Cassie Kolias

Here comes the bride, all dressed in whi… a jersey? That’s not right.

Rather than opting for a traditional black-tie, white wedding full of lace and diamonds, each year many couples opt for something a little sportier. Fever Pitch-like diehard fans get married too, and some of their significant others are quite understanding of their infatuation – and that is how sports-themed weddings were born.

Here are two sport-themed wedding ideas, both classy and trashy.

Classy Lakers-themed wedding:

If you love the Los Angeles Lakers, this might be the wedding for you. With a gold and purple theme, it is easy to have a classy affair, while still showing love for your current NBA Champions.

Reception Décor- You can get creative with the décor for your Lakers wedding. The chairs should be covered in white, and tied with a purple satin bow behind them. From the ceiling you could hang gold and purple ornament-type chandeliers. And to top off your tablescape, you could serve purple cocktails.

Bride- The bride should wear a rich royal purple satin dress. The bridesmaids should have dresses that are also made of satin, but should be gold. The bouquets for the bridesmaids and the bride could be made with yellow roses, and peppered with violets. Under her dress, the bride should wear a Lakers garter on her leg.

Groom- In order to keep the class in this occasion, the groom should still sport the traditional black tuxedo, but add some Lakers flair. Add a gold tie, and Lakers monogrammed cuff links. The boutonnieres for the men could be made not with roses, but instead with a mixture of sunflowers and violets. Depending on how die-hard of a fan you are, there are Lakers engraved silver wedding bands.

Trashy Lakers-themed wedding:

A trashy Lakers wedding was when Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian shotgun-style. Oh wait, you wanted to know a trashy Lakers-themed wedding, not a Lakers wedding.

Reception Décor- Having your wedding reception on a high school basketball court, (because obviously you couldn’t reserve the Staples Center) filled with Lakers memorabilia is stretching it a little bit. The only way that you could make that wedding reception look trashier is by having a full menu of just chicken wings and beer. You could also play party games like pin-the-really-expensive-ring-on-Kobe’s-wife-to-apologize-for-cheating. I’m sure that every man in the building would be pleased.

Bride- Instead of going with the gold and purple colors scheme, if you want to have your wedding be even trashier, you could have a traditional white dress with a twist. Well of course every bride wants to glow on her wedding day, and that is what you can do, literally. An almost painfully awesome dress is sold that is filled with yellow Christmas lights. Add a purple bow and boom! Lakers-themed bride.

Groom- Wear a full Lakers uniform, basketball shorts and all. The groom can be Kobe, and all of his groomsmen can be the other players. It’s like Halloween … but on your wedding day.

Classy Chicago White Sox wedding:

Every wedding is almost like a White Sox wedding because they have the classiest and most traditional wedding colors ever – black and white.

Reception Décor- Well, unlike Staples Center, the U.S. Cellular Field where the White Sox play might be easier to get into. Not that you should have your actual reception there, but you could get into the dugout and on the field to take your post-vows wedding party pictures. Since you could pretty much do anything with the black and white theme, you can make name-cards that are emblazoned with the Sox’s logo, and you can make your cake White Sox themed. You could probably even get a funny cake topper.

Bride- Obviously the bride should wear a traditional white dress of her choice, but she could add a black bow to make her dress not only different, but also she would be wearing both the team’s colors. Her bridesmaids could do the opposite by wearing black dresses with white bows. The bouquets could be made of white and black roses.

Groom- The groom should wear a black tuxedo with a white tie, along with White Sox cuff links, and the groomsmen should wear white suits with black ties. One way you could still be classy and incorporate the team’s colors a little more is by having the groom’s party wear Converse All-Stars in black.

Trashy Chicago White Sox wedding:

Reception Décor- Go to the park and roast weenies. Pretend that you are tailgating at a game and require all your guests to sport jerseys. You could even serve garlic fries to give it an authentic feel.

Bride- If you want to go over the top with your theme, get a stretchy white tube wedding dress (like one you see on girls at the club), and get a White Sox decal on the front. The bridesmaids can wear referee dresses, with black and white stripes. You could probably get a deal from a local Halloween store if you buy in bulk.

Groom- The groom should wear his favorite player’s jersey with black slacks and a suit jacket over it. The groomsmen should wear crisp white button-down shirts with baseball pants. White Sox theme fulfilled? I think so.

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