Double Coverage: Athletes crave media attention

Cassie Kolias

eSure, everyone likes a little attention once in a while. A moment in the spotlight. Fifteen minutes of fame. Who doesn’t want those things?

Well some athletes have taken those ideas, used them, run with them and completely exhausted them. Once you get past that point of exhaustion, you can only be considered one thing &- a media whore. These three athletes are some of the biggest media whores in sports.

Brett Favre:

Brett Favre has become the player who cried retirement. Retirement, un-retirement, retirement, un-retirement &- the whole bit is getting old.

For years now it has been a yearly buzz about whether or not Favre is going to play.

He has played 20 years of professional football, and played it well. When he retires, he will be one of the 10 greatest quarterbacks of all time, but the world already knows that.

Favre himself knows he’s a media whore. In a commercial for Sears, he makes fun of himself for not being able to make up his mind about a television.

In the past few years, Favre has not just been a media whore, but also a narcissistic diva. He is allergic to practice, has distaste for training camp and his interests seem to be more important than the team.

Let’s hope the Favre era will soon be over.

LeBron James:

If you tell me you didn’t hear about “The Decision” this summer, you have been living under a rock. LeBron James wanted to let the world know where he would play next season, so he had to have a televised one-hour special to tell people.

Just days before his big televised decision that dropped his big-name suitors like the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks, he finally created a Twitter account, which added to the already huge media stir.

Some people have better things to do than wait for an athlete to announce a decision.

He hasn’t even won a ring yet, but he is crowned “king.” What does that make Kobe Bryant? A God?

It just makes you look like a fool. A fool with the world’s biggest ego.

Chad Ochocinco:

Chad Ochocinco is one of the biggest media whores right now, and it makes me wince a little to write that as a literal last name. He legally changed his last name from Johnson. He tries too hard to be known for something outside football.

He was a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars,” and I really hope his Bengal teammates made fun of him for it. Ochocinco also had his own reality dating show called “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch,” on VH1. Pretty lame.

He wasarrested because of a fight with a bouncer. He walked around the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in his underwear and played the slots. His antics smell of desperation, and shout “Please look at me!”

Hollywood has enough media whores without adding athletes like Favre, James and Ochocinco. Athletes should stick to their sports and let their game – not their lame antics – bring the media.

Cassie Kolias can be reached at [email protected]