Infatuation with blood suckers must stop

Daniel Vasilchuk

Vampires suck – literally. The pun was fully intended.

The entertainment industry is overflowing with vampire-related movies and TV shows. A lot of book authors are writing vampire stories.

The vampire craze has gotten so ridiculous that fans almost seem to worship Edward, a vampire in the “Twilight Saga” book series by Stephenie Meyer.

In the book series, Bella meets a vampire, Edward, at her high school and falls in love. Edward also falls in love with Bella and has to suppress his urge to kill her.

The whole premise of “I really want to suck your blood, but I love you too much to do it,” seriously makes me want to throw up.

It is preposterous that these movies and books are actually raking in millions of dollars.

According to, the movie “Twilight” brought in a total of $384 million worldwide. That is a lot of money that people spent to go see a lame vampire movie.

Vampires are not only worshiped in books and movies. They have captured the attention of television audiences as well.

And every one of these shows, like “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries,” are filled with a whole bunch of meaningless gore and fake romance. Like most other shows on TV, these vampire shows have no real substance.

With the amount of money and time spent watching these worthless vampires, it seems that vampire stories are the new standard in the entertainment industry.

We no longer are interested in the old Hollywood formula of a regular guy falling in love with a regular woman. We need something more to spice up the romance, it seems.

But how much more money and time will we give away to the same old story that just has a few new touches added to it?

Which also begs the question: Why are characters such as “Twilight’s” Bella stupid enough to fall in love with vampires?

Bella knew she might have been making a mistake by getting involved with a dangerous vampire and yet, people follow right in Bella’s footsteps by becoming die-hard fans.

Women love the bad boy: The one who is dangerous and does not care about them – lots of vampire shows have them. Perhaps this is what is making these pathetic vampire stories so alluring. Sure it is thrilling and enticing, even to me. But if I was the character in the movie or book and met a vampire chick who wanted to suck my blood – I would not consider that romantic.

These fictional vampires have attracted 29,000 followers on Twitter, 44,000 fans on Facebook, and more than 800,000 friends on Myspace. And this is just for the recent movie “New Moon.”

With numbers like that, it seems our infatuation with vampires will never end.

We need to stop seeing vampires as objects of lust and romance. Do we really have nothing better to spend our time and money on?

A bad boy from a vampire story is just that: a bad apple. Do not eat it.

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