April 26, 2020

Maintaining mental health is crucial while sheltering at home and it can be done by incorporating several practices: 

Take a break from the virtual

Plessas said that getting outside a little, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, making a gratitude list everyday and thinking about the positive side of things can help with dealing with negative times. 

“We have more free time now and we want to be on Instagram, but the reality is it’s not that healthy for you,” Plessas said. “Yes, stay connected to your friends and be on Instagram, but give yourself an hour every day where you just have a virtual detox. You don’t realize the things that you look at, things that you read, they start to affect your mind.”

Learn and build new skills or enjoy a hobby

Plessas suggested learning a new hobby or a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn.

“A lot of people should just take the time to just do what they’ve been wanting to do for so long, if they’re able to,” Plessas said.

Plessas said another tip to keep your mind healthy is to engage in activities: read a book, learn a new hobby, make a playlist of your favorite songs, listen to podcasts, watch motivational videos or learn how to cook. 

Create a routine 

Brien Tillery Jr., a Sac State criminal justice major, discussed how he has been dealing with anxiety over COVID-19 and what methods have helped him cope. 

“At first it was tough to deal with; we’re all used to going out and having campus to escape, but you really have to manage it,” Tillery said. “I suggest (sticking) to a schedule and (being) as strategic as possible. The schedule, the working out and eating right all come into play at the end of the day.”

Plessas said that setting attainable goals, writing them down and creating a routine can help people stay motivated. 

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